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It’s simple — in a winner take all scenario — the quickest way to scale is to grow by way of making smart acquisitions.And in the world of NFT Marketplaces, that battle is now being fought in the aggregation space.Why is aggregation important in the context of web3 platforms?Platforms like Uniswap are understood as a place to swap a wide variety of tokens — by acquiring a platform like Genie, brings non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into the mix. Genie gives users access to the library of NFTs that are widely available across multiple marketplaces, and makes trading those NFTs across platforms super easy.In short, aggregation platforms allow marketplaces, crypto exchanges, and the like to very quickly expand into the NFT vertical, and add value to their overall offering.So while a Uniswap can go to war with the likes of a Coinbase or a Binance, what is an upstart left to do?Go narrow. Go niche. And lean in hard.The play here is to create immediate value for a specific community by starting what we are labeling a micro-aggregator.For example, if you’re a soccer fan, aggregate all the soccer NFTs from across all the NFT Marketplace platforms — soccer fans are global, and dare we say, even fanatical?!Love “Ape” NFTs — then pull from every other NFT ape collection — everything from BAYC to Degenerate Ape Academy.F1 Racing anyone? Do that!You get the picture.Pick an interest vertical. Make sure it has a die-hard community. Then own it!
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